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Recovery Personalized Catering

Our personalised catering is designed to support you in the process of recovery from certain health conditions.
We believe that everybody has different needs, therefore will take your existing conditions into serious consideration and personalised your meals accordingly, based on Culinary Nutrition principles. 

Prepared using fresh whole ingredients, mostly organics, and cooked only in coconut oil.

We cater for Jakarta Greater Area (Jabodetabek).


A 5 Days Package Catering we send: 

1 main meal

1 salad/fruit salad

1 herbal drink

to your hospital or other isolation address. 

Comorbidities, allergies and other health conditions will be considered in daily preparation of your meals.

Available Monday to Sunday

**Please note that this service is only to support and not to replace your medical practitioner's instructions.



A 5 Days Catering, we send: 

1 main meal

1 salad/fruit salad

to your home/office


To support your recovery from a more general condition, or simply to boost your nutrition consumption.

Available Monday to Friday

**please note that we do not cater weight loss program unless related to medical condition. You are beautiful as you are.




Crave some more?

Get more of our products at

Papilions Market 

Jl. Kemang Raya 45AA

South Jakarta


  • Almond Milk, Cashew Milk - available everyday at the cold section

  • Vegan Nasi Kuning every Saturday starting from 11am

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