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What is Health Coaching with Mia Maria?

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Reconnecting with ourselves, with the surrounding, and the nature.
Celebrating food and all the good things they can bring for our well being. 
Tapping into our harmonious energy and activate our abilities to heal.
Empowering and reviving our highest potentials.

Healing is always possible.


About Mia Maria


Mia Maria curates your food and lifestyle. A mother of two unicorns, a Culinary Nutrition Expert, a Well Being Coach and a Zen Counsellor, she focuses on food healing, connection to nature, and energy management. 

Previously holding executive positions in a few international and local institutions, Mia understands the urgency of maintaining wellness for optimum productivity in a fast space lifestyle.

She has been self-practicing and studying about food healing and holistic approaches to well-being since 2007, including in Jakarta, Bali and the Netherlands.

Her main certified studies are on Culinary Nutrition at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition in Canada, where she graduated with Honors;

Hormone Health Certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition;

and last but not least, trained by Kenichi Ishimaru in Zen Counseling.

Using food, nature, sound healing, meditation and light touches to release stress and works deeper into trauma healing, she has been successfully helping herself and many others to heal from chronic conditions, whilst maintaining her career.


After all her ambitious gains in the past years, she finally decided that it's time to walk this chosen path and allow all her time and space to support others in their healing process.

Through her services, she would like to share practical approach to a healthier, happier, and productive living.


Her one dream that has not yet came true is to learn temple food cooking from Jeong Kwan Seunim in Baekyangsa Temple in South Korea.

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